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How to Turn on Call Notifications

In this article, you learn how to never miss a urLive call, even when you’re not logged into your browser by setting up SMS/text and push notifications for desktop computers and phones. 

Push notifications are a handy tool when you’re not logged into your urLive account. When activated, urLive displays screen messages that tell you when a call comes.

There are three types of push notifications:

  • desktop browser
  • mobile phone
  • SMS message

Setting up browser notifications

To receive desktop notifications:

  1. Open the Call Manager page.
  2. Check the box next to Allow urLive to send Desktop Notifications.

How it works

After you select the Allow option, a notification panel appears on the screen when a call comes in and urLive is not open in a browser tab.

Click Accept or Decline.

  • If you click Accept, a new browser tab opens and you can talk to the person.

To see a list of declined calls, open urLive, go to the My Calls page and then click the MISSED tab.

Setting up mobile app notifications

To enable phone app notifications:

  1. Download the urLive app for your Android or iPhone. After you install the app, you’re prompted to permit notifications.
  2. Click Allow to receive notifications on the phone.

Setting up SMS notifications

You can receive phone notifications through your SMS service every time you receive an incoming urLive call.

To enable SMS notifications:

1 Go to the Call Manager page.

2 Check the box next to Enable your Phone Number.

3 Enter your mobile phone number and then click Verify.

4 Locate the SMS message on your phone and then enter the code into the field.

Updated on January 6, 2022

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