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How to Get Started

Welcome aboard!

We’re glad you’re giving urLive a look over. If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 

During your urLive free trial, you can make calls, send messages, customize settings, and more. 

This article covers the basics. It shows you where to find essential tools, buttons, links, and doodads.

Dashboard basics

After you log in to your urLive account, the main dashboard opens. We’ve divided the dashboard into four sections.

  1. The urLive icon is the home button. Click here any time to return to the main dashboard.
  1. The menu bar has links to the most important pages.
  • To phone somebody, click My Calls.
  • To open the chatbox, click My Conversations.
  • To customize contact settings, click Call Manager.
  • To change the visual display of your urLive profile page, click Page Manager.
  • To schedule a call or create blocks of time when you can be reached, click Availability Manager.
  • To create and manage teams (premium feature), click My Teams.

  1. Click the Settings gear to open a menu. 

Consultant Dashboard

This integrated platform gives professionals the power to run an online business. The consultant’s dashboard combines video meetings with a credit card billing system.

We think service providers like online teachers, counselors, lawyers, accountants – and more – will love the convenience of helping clients and tracking billable hours at the same time. 

Stay tuned. The beta version is coming out soon.

My Account

Click here to check your current status. You can also change a password, upgrade your plan, and review payment transactions.

Subscription Plans

Click here to review our current options and pricing plans.

Chat Widget

Use urLive to change the way you communicate with customers on your website. Copy the code and then paste it into a widget on your site. Now your customers – from anywhere in the world – can contact you when they have a question about your products or services, through your custom urLive chat widget accessible on your website.

Free Mobile Apps

urLive works on phones, too. Click the Free Mobile Apps link to download our app for iOS or Android.

  1. This handy toolbar has a search tool that scans the urlive site. The notifications icon tells you about recent events. 
  • Click the question mark to find answers in our knowledge base.
  • Click your urLive name to open the account settings panel.
  • Got something to say? We love feedback. Click the Feedback icon on the right side of your dashboard, located below the toolbar, to share questions and comments. 
Updated on June 24, 2021

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