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How to Answer Team Calls

In this article, you learn how to answer an inbound call to the team URL.

You (and everyone on your team) will be notified of incoming team calls the same way as you would with all urLive one-click video calls – with a call card on your dashboard (and of course SMS messages or the free urLive Apps if they’re downloaded). The only difference is, that for team calls, we identify the call as a team call, see below.

Note: To receive a call notification, a team member must be logged in to their urLive account.

Answering a team call

To answer a team call, locate the call card on your dashboard and click the Accept button.

  • Click Dismiss to reject a team call and automatically forward it to the next in-line team member.

Comparing team calls and personal calls

When you receive a call (team or personal), a call card displays on your dashboard. The call cards look similar, but there is one difference.

  • On a team call card, the team name (GOODCARSALES in the example below) appears at the top of the card.
  • On a personal call card, the receiver’s name is at the top.
  • In both cases, the caller’s name or ID appears below the icon,
Updated on January 3, 2021

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