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How to Forward Team Calls

This article shows you how to transfer an inbound team call to a team member. This urLive feature can be used in any professional environment where inbound calls are answered and/or screened at one station (e.g. a front desk) and then transferred to another person (e.g. salesperson or technician).


To demonstrate the call forward tool, we created a scenario.

This inbound call goes to an office. An unknown sales lead calls the office using the Team Call number on the company’s website.

The inbound call initially lands at the front desk, where office staff complete a two-step intake process:

  • screen the call and determine basic needs
  • forward the call to the best available professional

Forwarding a call

The first step:

  1. Answer the inbound team call.
  • In the image below, we see an audio call screen. The team member (e.g. front desk person) answers the phone call and talks to an unknown person (Guest-DH1).
  1. After screening the call, the front desk staff person clicks the Invite icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  1. The front desk person scrolls down the list of contacts and locates the appropriate team member to bring into the call.
  • Enter text into the search field if the list of contacts is long.
  1. Click the Invite User to Call button next to the contact.
  1. The invited person reads the call card and clicks Accept.
  • Now three users are on the call: the front desk person, the sales lead (Guest-DH1), and the invited team member (Jenny).
  1. The front desk person clicks the Leave button. Now there are two users on the call: the sales lead (Guest-DH1) and the team member (Jenny).
Updated on January 4, 2021

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