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How to #2: Scheduling

On a scale of 1 to 10, we dial the wow factor up to 11.

Last week, we covered customizations. You personalized your account and used two au courant video calling tools — share screen and file share.

This week, schedule calls and set availability.

Forget about it

If you’ve used other video calling services, this scenario might sound familiar.

  • You’re working at the keyboard. Then you drop everything and log in to Zoom a few minutes before the scheduled start.
  • Waiting for participants to trundle into the main room, you sit idle mentally calculating the opportunity cost of video calling.

urlive is different.

Here’s proof.

Our bot (Earl is his name) contacts each participant just before your call is scheduled to start. With a single click, each participant logs into the call at just the right time.

  • Copy and paste mind-boggling URLs? Not required.
  • Enter passwords? That’s so 2020.
  • Show up late? Forget about it.

Earl sends every participant a reminder email 10 minutes before the call. This is our Schedule-and-Forget service.

As soon as you log in, the call starts. No more idling.

Get some wisdom

Deep dive into scheduling and availability.

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