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How to #3: Business

Connecting customers with one-click video calling has never been easier.

Last week, we covered scheduling and availability. You learned to block time and book calls.

This week, we show you how urLive Team calling delivers communication solutions for businesses.

Communication solutions

We help clients solve complex communication problems by building unique one-click video calling networks (a software-only, virtual private branch exchange or PBX). In most cases, you can build a secure network that routes calls to your teams within minutes, using your existing computer hardware and software. No apps to download and no special technical skills required.

urLive’s Team tool seamlessly adapts to a variety of circumstances, population sizes, and field constraints. We’ve helped clients deploy urLive to create customer service help desks, online telemedicine platforms, and business development centers that help deals move forward.

Here’s proof.

Use cases

Deliver customer service through kiosks

The University of Kansas School of Business needed a help desk solution for on-campus students during the COVID crisis. The university opened some on-campus classes with social distancing protocols in place, which included the closure of staffed information desks. The challenge was to provide 300 first-year students with the information they needed to navigate the 166,000 square foot facility.

The solution was to build eight unstaffed kiosks that used urLive’s Team tool to connect on-campus students and off-site teachers and administration staff. Each kiosk was equipped with an iPad and a urLive one-click video link. When students clicked the link, they instantly connected with a live faculty member (some working on campus, others working at home) who could answer questions and provide assistance.

University staff were delighted with urLive’s customer service solution. It helped students resolve problems and keep staff safe at the same time. The administration also noted that urLive’s call forward tool was especially helpful when specialized information was needed to answer student questions. The university is reviewing other deployment options including kiosks at graduation ceremonies and remote office hours for teachers.

Provide telemedicine services

The Chile Urology Medical Clinic in Santiago uses urLive technology to provide telemedicine patient consultations. The clinic is staffed by 12 doctors who provide services in four specializations.

The clinic’s telemedicine platform uses urLive’s scheduling and call booking tools. Each doctor sets their own availability which is posted on the clinic’s website. Patients go online, search for the doctor they want to consult with, and book a call time.

The clinic has been using urLive since the pandemic began and doctors say that zero-click calling makes it easy for patients to use telemedicine and access the medical services they need.

Pilot at a business development center

Go RV Edmonton wanted to help its customers make informed decisions when buying a recreational vehicle, which includes understanding the cost of insurance. To streamline the buying process, this dealership in Edmonton, Canada is running a pilot project to test the feasibility of connecting kiosks on the sales floor with offsite insurance agents.

Using the urLive Team tool, the pilot connects single-click video calling from the sales floor kiosk to an offsite team of 15 insurance agents. GO RV Edmonton plans to set up insurance information kiosks at multiple dealerships in early 2021.

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