urLive Releases Service Upgrade!

We are super excited to announce some new upgrades to our urLive service – some of them you’ll see and others you’ll notice.

Chat Room and Service Upgrades

You’ll immediately note that the chat room is faster and more responsive!

We’ve further stabilized our calling service and re-architected how we notify you of incoming calls. You should now be notified faster, usually within a quarter of a second, when a client or a customer clicks to speak with you.

NEW Zero-Click Calling and Power URL’s

Callers can now call you by simply typing your urLive link into their browser and adding “/hi” (url.live/username/hi) to call you directly! No clicking at all!

Other powerful URL’s that we’ve added include /hello, /video, /call, /bonjour, /hola for video calls. For audio only calls we’ve added /audio and for instant messages it’s /IM.To schedule a future meeting with you, callers use /Schedule.

NEW urLive Scheduling

That’s right, with this build we’re releasing our scheduling feature! This has been in the works for some time but we wanted to get it just right before making it available.

Callers can now go to your urLive profile page and schedule future meetings with you, at the times that you’ve marked yourself as available on your urLive calendar. They can book the meeting without any back and forth emails with you. You will be notified by email once a call is booked but don’t need to do anything further. At the appointed time, urLive will automatically call you while you simply answer the call to connect! To join you, the caller, just needs to click the “Join Call” button in their confirmation email that they received at the time of the booking. That’s it, they don’t need to create an account or download anything. Just book with you and click! Just so no one forgets, we also send both of you reminder emails 10 minutes before, with links to join your scheduled call. We encourage you to try this new feature with clients and friends.

Oh, and one other thing. You can go to your Availability Manager Calendar (this is where you let user’s know when you’re available to take calls and when they can schedule calls with you). Use the new “Schedule” button to book meetings yourself too. This allows you to schedule a call with non-urLive members, simply by inviting them via their email addresses. And when the appointed time comes, you receive an automated urLive call while everyone else gets a reminder email.

Just like everything else that the urLive team does, we’ve made scheduling calls and connecting super simple!

NEW Free Mobile Apps

We’ve released updated mobile apps to leverage the new service upgrades so you will need to update to the latest versions for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. This should happen automatically when you next use the apps.

Please take the new features for a test drive. There’s no additional charge and we’d love your feedback. And remember, if you have any issues as a result of these changes, please contact url.live/support or email support@url.live.

Enjoy the Summer!

urLive Team

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