• How to record urLive video calls

    Since the urLive service operates completely within the browser, it is possible to record urLive video calls easily using any number of screen capture browser extensions. For your convenince, we’re sharing a list of popular browser extensions below with which it is possible to record urLive video and audio calls….

  • What is Browser URL Calling?

    How true one-click video chat is set to revolutionize online communication. Browser URL Calling (BUC) is the next major evolution of digital communication and will remove a major barrier to delivering the services economy online. With just a single click, BUC enables users browsing websites to anonymously connect via video,…

  • Why I founded urLive

    A few years ago, I was attending a fine family wedding yet managed to upset my wife. How? Because even though it was her family’s big day, I rushed home early to tend to something monumental – Draft Day for my fantasy league! Of course, when I got home, my…

  • Pricing

    The pricing for urLive varies by each plan and the type or scope of services you require. Please contact us at https://url.live/hello/schedule so that we can tailor a custom plan for your needs.

  • What is urLive?

    urLive is a free, simple in-browser calling service that operates without the need for downloads or complicated installations. Claim your URL to be reachable by anyone and enjoy effortless communication.

  • How is urLive different?

    urLive removes the need for complicated installations or downloads. urLive also removes the need for room keys or access passwords.  You can call any existing urLive member from any modern web browser without even needing to create an account yourself or logging in. You can have as many simultaneous incoming…